Expensive Travel Mistakes You're Likely to Make

  By Kainat Tariq

  Nov 29, 2019

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Expensive Travel Mistakes You’re Likely to Make

As human beings we often make mistakes but sometimes expensive mistakes cost more than others. While organizing a travel plan, we should be aware of certain safety measures and do not make mistakes that can be really expensive. While going on a trip and avoiding expensive travel mistakes you can save enough and enjoy your trip without any hassle. You should not blow your vacation budget due to some costly blunders. Here are some common expensive travel mistakes made by the travelers and suggestions on how to avoid these for a comfortable journey. 

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1-Not checking passport early

Most of the people from us can forget to check the expiry date of their passport before starting their journey. Some people rarely travel so it is easy for them to forget the validation of their passport. If your passport is stolen or lost, some travel insurance policies can offer coverage but they are not responsible if your passport has expired. 

Some countries also require that your passport should be valid for six months after your entry date in their country. You could be turned away at the borders for having an invalid passport that can cost hefty charges. So it is your responsibility to check the expiry date of your passport early and go for renewal if it is expired. 

2-Using your mobile phone overseas

While traveling to a foreign country and not having an international plan can leave you in shock due to hefty charges. Some people are insanely dependent on some cell phone such as using social media and keep searching for finding a restaurant or Google maps. Without losing your travel budget you can stay in touch with your friends and family by having a plan for your phone overseas. During your trip you can buy a new sim card at local rates and also use free hotspot services while using social media on your phone. 

3-Packing too much stuff

As the baggage fee is steadily getting high, you should only pack the necessary stuff that you needed for your trip. You can also buy things from your destination if something is missing in your luggage. It is also wise to check the baggage rules of your selected airline and weigh your stuff before time. It is important to check the weather conditions of your destination and pack the required stuff. Overweight luggage can also charge a hefty amount from your travel budget. 

4-Traveling without medical insurance

While going on a trip you may get through some medical emergency and required treatment so it is essential to go for a medical insurance. Buying medical insurance or travel insurance is a good idea for a safe travel. Before purchasing an insurance plan you must check whether it gives coverage in your destination area or not. If you are traveling in the coverage network of medical insurance you will be reimbursed for medical treatment. 

5-Forgetting to tell your bank 

If you do not inform your bank about your trip then your card will be suspended if used in any other foreign country. If your card is stolen or lost it is an excellent service but it will be a real problem if you have to pay for anything and your card has been blocked. 

This worried situation can be avoided simply by informing your bank about your trip. You should provide both the dates of your trip and your destination so that they can keep your account safe and get a hold of your trip. 

6-Making booking mistakes

If you do not check your calendar and make flight bookings or other mistakes in reservation it can charge a hefty amount. Most of the people made various booking mistakes such as leaving no enough time in connecting flights, flight booking to the wrong airport or booking wrong return flight. You should double check the calendar dates before making any reservations. 

7-Failing to research local transportation

If you do not know about the local transportation at your destination, how will you get there? If your flight is delayed and you reach your destination at night without having any transportation, it will be a real headache for you. It is really important to research about the transportation system of your destination before starting your travel. It is recommended to do research about the local transportation as it will be a cost effective way to reach and explore your destination. 

When organizing your next trip, avoiding expensive travel mistakes should be your highest priority. You must want to save money while traveling and mistakes can cause a big amount of charges. The best way to avoid mistakes is to plan your trip carefully and make a detailed research about your destination and reservations while planning your trip.