8 Ways in which Travel Insurance Protects You from Terrorists

  By Kainat Tariq

  Nov 25, 2019

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8 Ways in which Travel Insurance Protects You from Terrorists


After the horrible attacks of 9/11, the whole experience of traveling has been changed now. The travelers now are more nervous than ever before so they must take safety measures before starting their journey. A point that also comes in the mind of travelers is whether they should need to cancel their trip if a terrorist attack happens, it could be really costly. There are also some travel insurance providers that do not offer coverage in case of any terrorist attack. 

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While choosing a travel insurance policy, travelers must consider a policy that can give coverage for various reasons such as trip cancellation, early come back and medical care access. The coverage in the terrorist attack must be listed in a standard travel insurance policy. There are also some limitations in the coverage if any terrorist attack occurs in your destination. There are the following eight ways in which travelers are covered from terrorist attacks with a standard travel insurance policy:

1-Get your money back on cancelation of your trip

There are many travel insurance providers that offer claim on trip cancelation when a terrorist activity happens. Purchasing a travel insurance policy is the best way to secure your travel investment in case of terrorist attack or any other terror activity. By having a standard travel insurance policy, travelers can claim for trip cancellation if there is any fear of attacks or the attack has occurred. 

2-When terrorists strike, go back home

There are many travel insurance providers that allow travelers to claim for going back home if any terrorist activity occurs in their living area. If any incident happens during your travel and you immediately need to leave the place and go back home, travelers will be reimbursed for expenses such as transportation and flight tickets. You may be repaid also for non-refundable trips. 

3-Medical treatment when injured in a terrorist attack

Although there is a limitation of coverage of insurance policy in some areas where chances of terrorist attacks are high, still a travel insurance policy provides medical treatment. If you are in your destination country and get injured in a terrorist attack, you will be provided urgent medical treatment and coverage if you have insurance policy. 

4-Send your kids to college even if you are dead

There are some travel insurance plans that can give coverage in case of accidental death or flight accident. Unfortunately, if you are dead in a terrorist attack during your trip, the insurance amount according to your policy will be given to your kids or beneficiaries. While planning a trip abroad you should select an insurance plan that can benefit your kids in case of any accident. 

5-Catch a ride out the mess

When a worst activity of terrorism happens, a standard insurance plan can provide a ride to its insured travelers to get out of the area immediately. There are a wide number of insurance providers that provides security and evacuation coverage to transfer their travelers at the safe place out of the danger of terrorism. 

6-Delays management caused by terrorism

Some travel insurance providers also cover for the delays caused due to terrorism. If you cannot reach your destination due to acts of terrorism, your transportation and other expenses can be covered with your travel insurance policy. You can also get the help and assistance for re-arranging flights, hotel booking and other services. 

7-Recover your body

If you have the right travel insurance policy and you are killed in a terrorist incident, your insurance providers will work to recover the remains of mortal and return of burial at home. Your travel insurance provider will work out with the officials of government and handle all the paperwork and shipping to ensure that the body of a dead person is returned home. 

8-Insurance policy will help if you are hospitalized

If a terrorist attack occurs and you are traveling with your family and got injured, you will be hospitalized and minors will be returned home safely. Your insurance provider will provide coverage for the return of children to home or reunion in medical emergency. 

The important thing is not to travel if there is an alert or warning of any terrorist activity in the near future. The claim for coverage will be denied if the insurance policy is not considered before travel. The traveler should clearly understand the terms of the policy and know all the details about the coverage of the insurance plan.