Buy Online Travel Insurance - A Step by Step Guide for Travelers from Pakistan

  By Kainat Tariq

  Nov 22, 2019

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Buy Online Travel Insurance: A Step by Step Guide for Travelers from Pakistan

As the world has become a global village, people frequently travel the world for various purposes such as tourism, study or business purposes. While traveling abroad travelers should consider the most important part of their itinerary, a travel insurance policy that protects the travelers from unforeseen circumstances during their journey. Travel insurance is also included in visa requirements of some countries such as Schengen countries and some others. The travelers can also easily buy travel insurance online and set up their journey with peace of mind. Here is a step by step guide for travelers from Pakistan to buy travel insurance online. 

UIC Insurance Plans: 

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What does travel insurance cover?

If the traveler already has health insurance, sometimes it does not work abroad so it is important to know what it covers. Most of the health insurances do not cover medical emergencies so visitors need to buy a separate travel insurance policy and should know what type of emergencies it would cover if some incidents occur. 

The standard coverage areas are: 

Medical Emergencies

If you are intending to travel out of Pakistan and have purchased a travel insurance policy then the key point of coverage is a medical emergency. Travel insurance plans will provide you with medical assistance wherever you are traveling to foreign countries. 

Lost Luggage

Travel insurance cannot give coverage if the travelers lost their baggage in a hotel or to some robbers, however if your baggage is checked in and lost it can give coverage of a certain amount. 

Trip cancellation or delays

If you have made all reservations for flight tickets and accommodation and you have to cancel or postpone your trip due to some emergency then in some cases travel insurance policy can give you coverage. 

Deportation or Evacuation

If you are stuck in some terrible situation, you can be evacuated on behalf of travel insurance policy that you purchased before starting your journey. 

Best time to buy travel insurance

The best time to buy travel insurance policy plan is before booking your trip or when you are going to apply for your visa. If you have purchased travel insurance policy and you have to cancel your trip due to some emergencies you can also claim to get refunds. 

Consider what it might cost you?

Generally, travel insurance is not so expensive but there are few things that can affect the cost of policy. 

Age of the person traveling: Travel insurance plan will be costly if the traveler is above 65 years old and it will be cheaper for young and healthy travelers. 

Trip duration: The cost of travel insurance also depends on the duration of your trip and it will be varied to give coverage during your stay in your destination. You can get a travel insurance plan for a minimum of five days or according to the duration of your stay. 

Travel destination: The insurance policy cost can also be determined according to the destination where you are planning to visit. A minimum coverage of $50,000 is required if you are intending to go to the Schengen countries. 

Type of insurance policy: It will be more suitable to buy multi-trip insurance policy if you need to travel all year round for business or other purposes. It will also be inexpensive instead of buying a new policy every time.

Family travel insurance: if you are going to travel as a couple or family for some tourist activities, the best option is to buy a family insurance policy. It will be more convenient instead of purchasing a separate policy for every person. 

Tax or non-tax filer: If you are a citizen of Pakistan and a tax filer, you have to pay less for insurance policy. The cost of insurance plan will be 4% higher for non-tax filers. 

When do you need travel insurance? 

Student Visa: Student visa will be awarded to people who want to follow their academic and research work in a country. Travel insurance is usually required in order to get a student visa. 

Schengen Visa: If you are planning a tour to Schengen countries then travel insurance is required to travel to your destination country. 

Umrah or Hajj: A lot of Muslims from Pakistan perform the religious pilgrims of Umrah or Hajj once in their life. Travel insurance policy is important as it provides health coverage abroad. 

Family trip: if you are traveling with your family and looking for various activities such as hiking, trekking, rafting etc., buying a travel insurance policy is a safe plan. 

Business Trip: It is convenient to purchase a travel insurance policy while going for a business trip as it will give coverage for sudden emergencies. 

Travel insurance is a protective measure for a safe journey so that you can fully enjoy your trip. Fortunately, sometimes the trip goes off without any trouble but to keep a safety measure is important for a peaceful journey.