Common Travel Insurance Questions and Misconceptions Answered

  By Kainat Tariq

  Nov 25, 2019

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Common Travel Insurance Questions and Misconceptions Answered

While planning a trip abroad, travel insurance is a must have and one of the most important things you need to buy for your tour. Travel insurance is no doubt the best safety measure that one can take for their trip but since it is a confusing subject and carries a lot of misconceptions. There are a lot of common questions that come to the mind of travelers while buying travel insurance. Here are the answers to some greater points of confusion and common questions that are raised on the topic of travel insurance. 

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1-What the havoc/ heck is travel insurance?

When things unpredictably go wrong travel insurance provides emergency care. It offers coverage for various situations depending on the policy you buy, such as lost luggage, flight delays, medical treatment and trip cancellation. Travel insurance was designed to protect you in unexpected and sudden accidents that could happen to you during your trip. It is not a replacement to your health insurance in your home country or an extra addition in the expenses of your trip. 

2-Is travel insurance just health insurance?

Travel insurance is not just health insurance but it offers much more. Travel insurance not only covers the medical section in any sudden incident but it also gives coverage to lost baggage, emergency evacuation, trip cancellation or delays. 

3-Travel insurance is like health insurance too, so, can I go to see a doctor when I want? 

Travel insurance should not be treated as a substitute for health insurance. In case of any unexpected emergency it will be there and give you coverage for medical treatment. But if you are going to see a doctor for a physical treatment or fillet of teeth it will not be covered. 

4-Can I get treatment for an illness I already have?

Most of the travel insurance providers do not cover pre-existing medical conditions. But if you get injured on the road, travel insurance will be there for you giving coverage for all the medical treatment. But if you are suffering from a medical condition before buying insurance policy you will not be covered. In addition, if you get ill under one policy and start a new policy then it will be considered as pre-existing condition and you would not be covered in the new policy. 

5-Credit cards offer some protection. Is not that good enough?

Credit cards offer very limited coverage in case of lost or stolen items, trip cancellation or medical expenses if you have booked your trip with a card. The coverage mostly provided by credit card is so low that you may be shocked to see the difference when you have to pay for it. If you do not activate policy before your trip, you may also not be covered.

6- How does the insurance policy actually work? Do they mail any card that you can show the doctor?

If there is any medical emergency that requires immediate medical treatment, you can contact the emergency assistance team and they will make arrangements and support costs. In other situations you keep all the documentation and necessary reports and receipts to make a claim reimbursement. There is no need for any card to show the doctor for medical treatment. 

7-While reading online reviews, most of the companies gasp or suck. What’s up with that?

Most of the travelers do not read in detail the fine print of their policy or exact wording and make assumptions when it comes to coverage. When they fail to claim reimbursement they write bad reviews online but if they are helped they do not write good reviews. The reply to most of the reviews contains you did not read the policy so having bad reviews does not mean that company is not good. It only means that people do not completely read the policy and follow the instructions for making a claim. 

8-Will I be covered if I got drunk and hurt myself?

If a traveler is doing something foolish or taking an unnecessary risk and get injured it will not be given coverage. After the investigation, the insurance company can deny the claim because they expect you to be moderate and clear-headed. 

9-Does travel insurance policy cover me in my home country?

Some insurance policies can cover but not all the policies offer coverage in home country. Home coverage depends on your insurance policy as some provides coverage outside your home province. But there are always some conditions about coverage as from where you will start your trip and where it will end. 

10-What should I do as I’m a senior person?

Most insurance companies do not like to cover seniors as they look like high risks, so it is difficult to provide complete coverage. There are also some companies that provide good policies of coverage for seniors on their trip. 

Important Note: There are some universal rules of travel insurance but that can vary from country to country. While buying the insurance policy you must read the fine print of the policy to know the specifics and coverage. Read the policy carefully and go with a company that offers good insurance policy and coverage that you require.