How to find the best Travel Insurance?

  By Kainat Tariq

  Sep 27, 2019

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How to find the best Travel Insurance?

To enjoy a peaceful journey and safety from risks, travel insurance has become a vital part of your travel. Travel insurance ensures a safer way to travel. Many companies offer travel insurance policies for customers looking for a hassle-free experience and coverage benefits. While traveling abroad travel insurance is a key requirement that covers most of your expenses in case of any uncertainties. Some key points you should keep in your mind before selecting any travel insurance policy. Here are some tips that will help you how to find the best travel insurance before traveling abroad. 

UIC Insurance Plans: 

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Find out your needs

Before selecting a travel insurance plan you should find out your needs in detail. The coverage of insurance policy changes according to certain things such as where you are traveling and what activities you will be doing in your desired destination. It also depends on with whom you are traveling and the value of goods you are carrying with you. You should clearly understand your requirements before buying an insurance policy. 

What is covered in Insurance plan?

The most important thing while selecting an insurance plan is to consider what is covered in your insurance policy. 

  • Does policy cover medical expenses?

  • Are you required to submit an incident report with your claim?

  • Are you paying for the right coverage?

  • Can you extend insurance?

Check out the list of exclusions

You should have a look at the list of exclusions while ensuring a policy. You should select a travel insurance policy with the less exclusions list. The insurance will not give coverage in certain conditions that can be one of the following.

  • High risk adventures or sports 

  • Natural disasters or severe weather

  • Travel to countries with high risks

  • Act of terrorism or war

Annual policy cover

If you are going to travel multiple times in a year then you should select a yearly travel insurance plan that suits your needs. You should have a good idea of your traveling routine to choose the right insurance policy. The annual insurance policy will be more effective if you are going to plan several trips in a year. 

Reduce premiums of travel insurance

If you are buying travel insurance online or pay through credit cards it may be cheaper than direct buying. If you are traveling in a group you can also save a lot by purchasing a group travel insurance plan. If you are a regular customer sometimes you can get discounts for a travel plan. Some companies offer free insurance for kids if you are traveling with a family. 

Expensive gear coverage

While traveling with expensive gear such as laptops and other electronics make sure that your insurance policy offers coverage for it. You should select an insurance plan that is quite enough to meet the expenses of your expensive items if that are lost or damaged.

Car or motorbike hire 

Many insurance companies offer coverage in case of hiring a car or motorbike during your trip. Select an insurance policy that will cover the expenses in case of any damage to the gear. 

Consider cancellation policy

While selecting a policy you need to carefully read all the terms and conditions. Make sure that if due to some emergency you have to cancel your trip or flights than the insurance plan cover cancellation. 

Consider government warnings

The travel insurance companies would not offer coverage in the countries that are warned by your government. If you are traveling to a country against the instructions of the government or containing high risks the insurer company cannot offer you any coverage.