Should you buy Travel Insurance or Not?

  By Kainat Tariq

  Sep 27, 2019

  Universal Insurance Co.Ltd.


Should you buy Travel Insurance or not?

While leaving your country for a trip a question can arise in your mind that should you buy travel insurance or not? 

My answer is “Yes”, and it is highly recommended that you should buy travel insurance before starting your journey. While going out of country travel insurance provides you protection from unforeseen incidents or happenings. It is a good decision that covers your travel expenses and helps you out in medical emergencies. You can indulge in a screwed situation if you don’t have an insurance plan. Have a look at the fine reasons to purchase travel insurance for a secure travel. 

UIC Insurance Plans:

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International tours

When you are traveling to international destinations, your health insurance may not work out of your country. Travel insurance can give you coverage if you are caught by difficult situations on your international trips. For example, if you need a medical emergency, with any insurance policy it can cost a hefty amount there. You can save a lot by travel insurance and can enjoy a peaceful tour. 

For cruises

If you are planning for a cruise during your trip it is a comprehensive part of your tour to buy a travel insurance plan. If your cruise meets a hurricane than your insurance plan would definitely help you out in this tough situation. It will also make sure the protection if things go wrong during your cruise journey. 

Flexible reimbursement policies 

Travel insurance offers various reimbursement policies in case of any lost luggage or trip cancellation due to some emergency. It costs you a little for buying insurance policy and covers most of your expenses. The requirements of every insurance company are different and they offer varied travel insurance policies.

Personal liability 

Most of the insurance companies cover you legally when you get caught in some legal emergency. If you are responsible for an accident or damage in the country and you have travel insurance policy then it will cover your legal expenses and give protection. Some travel companies do not offer this type of insurance so carefully read all the terms when buying a travel insurance plan. 

Missed flight connections

Some insurance companies also cover your missed connections of flights if you cannot reach due to some situation that was out of your control. You may need to show proof of valid reasons and your flights can be rescheduled by some policies.