Travel Insurance Tips for Extended Business Trips

  By Kainat Tariq

  Nov 29, 2019

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Travel Insurance Tips for Extended Business Trips

To add some fun and revelation, various business travelers think about extending their business trips in an affordable way while visiting some attractions. For example, while having a business trip in London, business travelers can extend their trip and turn it into a pleasure with free airfare that their employer will pay. The trend of going on a business trip with family is becoming popular as some conventions that also offer child care if you are on a business trip with your family.  

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Like any other trip, a business trip should also consider travel insurance policy for a peaceful travel. If there is any travel department in your company where extensions in your business trip can be encouraged, it will be a great delight for you. If your company also offers business travel insurance for the employees, it will be a great support in extending your business trip with a pleasure portion. If you are planning your business trip by yourself, you must make sure to consider travel insurance policy providing a standard coverage. Here are some tips that you can apply to extend your business trip: 

1-Does health coverage extend to your business travel?

While traveling for business purposes, some travelers get health coverage but it may not be applied if they extend their trip to the areas outside the coverage network. If you are a business traveler and extend your trip outside the network of health insurance you will not have health coverage. To get out of this worry, it is worthwhile to get travel insurance for your business trip and make a complete research whether it is covering your visiting area or not. A standard travel insurance is an affordable and reliable way to travel with peace of mind. 

2-If your business trip is cancelled what to do?

In case your business trip is cancelled and your family were to travel with you on this trip, some cancellation concerns of you might be there. Your company can take the costs of your business trip but what about your family vacation trip if that was combined with your business trip?

You can get a big loss if you have to cancel your family trip due to your business trip so you must take some measures to avoid this loss. You must schedule your accommodation and tour bookings that offer last minute cancellation. Consider a standard travel insurance policy that provides coverage for trip cancellation. 

3- How is your baggage covered?

While having a business trip, it is important to have coverage for the items you are taking with yourself. You may have to pay shipping costs for some business trip essentials if you do not have coverage for your luggage. Sometimes your company offers limited coverage for personal items during your business travel. You can also go for travel insurance that offers luggage coverage. You must review the coverage policy and read it in detail while purchasing travel insurance. 

4-Do you have a system for receipts?

While going on a business trip, you must keep all the receipts of the expenses you have spent there. The receipts in the business travel can include accommodation, food and transportation that will be usually paid by your company. A business traveler should carefully keep all the receipts so that company can pay for these costs during your trip. 

5-Are travel delay costs covered?

If you do not have any coverage for travel delay you may have to pay hefty amounts for the accommodation and other bookings. Your trip could be delayed by some unexpected situations such as critical weather, terrorist activities and volcanic eruptions etc. Sometimes your company may not pay for your family vacations so you have to buy a travel insurance policy that also covers trip delays. 

6-Are you covered for evacuations?

Not all business trips can be in safe areas and luxurious traveling. If your company does not provide coverage for evacuation you should have a standard travel insurance policy. The right plan of insurance can offer evacuation coverage in remote areas for business travelers. 

7-Can your kids get home alone?

If you are planning a business trip and family vacation together, you must be concerned about the safety of your children. Unfortunately, if you get injured or something bad happens to you, the question is can your kids get home alone? You must go for a travel insurance policy that gives coverage for medical reunion in emergency situations and return of minors to home. 

Final words

It is an ideal way for busy businessmen or workers to add some joy and fun into their business trip by extending it. They can widen the benefits of their business trip and can turn it into an enjoyable family vacation. Sometimes as a matter of choice, some companies purchase business travel insurance for their employees but mostly they have to buy insurance on their own.