Reasons to get Travel Insurance on your next trip

  By Kainat Tariq

  Sep 27, 2019

  Universal Insurance Co.Ltd.


Reasons to get Travel Insurance on your next trip

When the word “Travel Insurance” comes in your mind, you might think of it as an extra expense in your trip. But if you are really concerned about your safety during traveling then travel insurance is worth buying it. If some unseen circumstances threaten your trip then travel insurance will be the answer to your question. Here are some fine reasons to get travel insurance on your next trip that might satisfy you. 

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Medical Emergency Support

One of the most vital reasons to buy travel insurance is support in a medical emergency because not all health insurance policies cover the medical expenses. If you get sudden injury or sickness on your trip you don’t have to pay a huge bill if you have travel insurance. It will help you out with quick medical care and also provide assistance services such as arrangement of transportation. 

Lost Luggage 

If you have lost your luggage during travel or baggage is delayed by the airline, travel insurance will benefit in recovering your luggage. If the baggage is not recovered you will be reimbursed with the necessary items to enjoy your trip. If your luggage is stolen you will be also replaced by personal items you needed during your tour. Travel insurance can compensate all or most of the expenses of baggage delay or lost. 

Missed your connection

If your destination has multiple routes and you missed your connection then travel insurance will cover it and arrange an alternative transport so that you can reach your desired place. It will help you out if you have missed your flight due to any reason or emergency. Travel insurance will also recover if your flight is delayed and facilitated with missed connection coverage.

Trip Cancellation 

If you come across a sudden emergency and no longer can go on

 your trip then travel insurance would definitely benefit you. There can be varied reasons for cancellation of trip such as a sudden of your relative, family emergency, work requirements or any other; you can recover your expenses. It is important to note that all the companies do not offer trip cancellation. 

Natural Disaster

Travel insurance would be a great protection in case of any terrorist attack or natural disaster in your traveling destination. You can get your home safely if you have an insurance policy. If you cannot reach your destination due to any calamity such as earthquake, floor, storm or any terrorist activity you will be reimbursed for your costs.

Sports and Adventure Coverage

If you are an adventure lover and fond of thrilling sports activities then travel insurance would play a vital role in your trip. Some insurance policies also cover the loss of your sports gear r if you come through a sudden accident during your activities. You will be covered if you suffer gear loss or any injury. 

Peace of mind

If you buy travel insurance before going on your journey you can travel with peace of mind. If you are found legally responsible for any incident then travel insurance can recover your losses and will give you protection from any unseen circumstances. Travel insurance will give great comfort so that you can enjoy your holidays without being worried about what will happen next.