Steps to Safer Off Grid Travel

  By Kainat Tariq

  Nov 29, 2019

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Steps to Safer Off Grid Travel


Nowadays the trend of off grid travel is becoming more popular and interesting due to various reasons that can include both personal and political. It is much praised in the travel industry and a wide number of tourists are interested in off grid travel. When you are planning for a vacation it means that you want to have a refreshing and sanative break from your normal life. When you are going to travel off the grid you need to adopt some safety measures for a secured travel. 

In 2010, a story of five neuron-scientists was published in the New York Times. In Glen Canyon National Recreation Area-Utah, they made a rafting trip to find out how digital and electronic devices change our thinking and behavior. It was also intended to know how the negative effects of heavy use of electronic technology can be reversed by retreating. 

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Off grid travel has become popular to an increasing extent with luxury resorts, jungle retreats and campers have a nap in remote areas. To fully enjoy and experience adventure, off grid traveling has now become a trend for daring travelers. You can start your off grid travel venture by simply turning your electronic devices and experiencing life in remote areas. While traveling off the road, you should consider following ways to stay safe and protected. 

 1-Know your limits

It is essential to know your limits before starting your off grid travel if you want a digital break from the chaos of your daily routine. If you cannot live without reading your emails and tweets you can get your news fix at an old fashioned television station. Off grid travelers can make a change by living their vacations without digital devices. You should consider your necessary tasks that cannot be avoided during your vacations. Although for some travelers, it is really tough for them to live without electronic technology but it will offer positive effects for off grid travelers. 

2-Pack your essentials

As the off grid travelers mostly head to remote areas where medical facilities are not so good. So before starting your journey think a little bit about packing your essential and a medical kit. The activities of off grid travelers can include hiking, swimming, trekking and rafting so they should wear sunscreen, drink clean water and eat healthy food. They should keep bandages, antibacterial medicines and painkillers for getting relief from headache. Travelers can also buy a travel insurance policy that provides coverage in the remote areas where they are intending to travel. 

3-Get the necessary vaccinations

It is recommended to do a little research about the off grid travel locations and know about the vaccinations you need ahead of time. Travelers going off grid should also see vaccination checklist and further details before starting their journey. Some remote places can cause unwanted diseases so it is the safe way to get the necessary vaccinations you never required earlier. Travel insurance is also a safe way to offer necessary medical coverage during your off grid travel. 

4-Have an emergency plan

Having an emergency plan is not only necessary for the off grid travelers but it is also important for other travelers. Pre-trip planning can make a great difference and keep you safe in some unexpected incidents. Travelers should keep a backup of credit card and money. They should keep travel documents at a safe place and know about some basic rules and regulations of the country where you are going to travel. If off grid travelers are going on their trip and leaving their electronic devices they should also consider landline telephone, radio or some other ways to keep in contact in emergency situations. 

5-Have travel insurance policy

If you are traveling to remote locations and planning for an off grid travel, travel insurance becomes more important. As in remote areas medical facilities are not enough, travel insurance plans can provide medical treatment in emergency situations. If you got seriously ill or injured, travel insurance can also offer medical evacuation and provide coverage. 

Final words

While going on off grid travel and away from your digital routine, it is important to follow some basic safety rules and inform your friends and family about your trip. Must take safety measures while going on adventurous activities such as hiking, trekking or swimming etc. Do not touch unknown plants, fruits or insects in the remote areas without knowing or having enough knowledge. Respect the space of your neighbors in remote locations such as rodents, wild animals and more to stay safe.