Tips for Insuring Green Travel

  By Kainat Tariq

  Nov 26, 2019

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Tips for Insuring Green Travel

Making a journey to the world broadens our mind and creates spectacular and lasting memories with amazing cultural adventure. While planning a trip, ensuring green travel must be your first priority by enduring responsible travel actions that will support eco-tourism. The term “green travel” refers to the preservation of natural environment and welfare and prosperity of the locals. So while going on a trip somewhere, go green with your fellow human beings and eco-friendly environment. 

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A green approach of travel can go for a rewarding and real travel experience by which travelers consider to conserve the natural and cultural environment of the area they are exploring. By carrying out some green travel practices, travelers can contribute positively and preserve the natural state of wildlife, plants and other cultural attractions. When it comes to ensuring a trip, green traverse should consider the following ways to green up their trip.

 1-Missed connection extends beyond the airlines

When a traveler cannot reach a scheduled flight due to unexpected situations, a missed connection happens. Blocked roads, shut down of public transportation, ferries not working and drastic weather can also cause missed connections. 

When a travel connection is missed by the travelers they may require to buy new tickets to travel to their destination. Buying new tickets and accommodation and waiting for the new flight can be really costly but if travelers have travel insurance policy that can cover the missed connection it can be really helpful for them. 

2-You may lose money by cancelling your green travel 

Mostly green travelers have usually non-refundable and prepaid expenses of the trip and if they intend to cancel the trip due to some reasons they can lose their money. In some online deals, when a travelers cancel the trip, it comes with losing all the investment. Non-stop flights often charge a high cost so cancellation can cost a hefty amount and travelers can lose all the money. 

The green travelers should buy a travel insurance policy with discounted travel arrangements and holding cancellation rules. Travelers can get their money back if they have a potential cancellation policy with the travel insurance plan they have purchased. 

3-Evacuation from a remote village is expensive

Most of the green travelers prefer to go to green places and remote villages for holiday vacations or leisure trips. While having a trip in remote areas, if travelers get seriously ill, they cannot avail best and urgent medical treatment. The treatment and evacuation can be really costly, complex and time-consuming in remote places. 

If you are traveling as a green traveler and purchased insurance policy it can give instant evacuation from remote locations. Insurance companies can provide medical evacuation coverage and arrange and pay for the treatment you require. 

4-Medical care may not be reliable or available

There are many places in the world where green travelers would love to go but there are not reliable medical facilities available there. If you get injured there and transferred to the local medical facility you may not get proper treatment and have to pay extra charges for it. Basic safety measures might not be available in far off places where you are going to travel. 

Sometimes your medical insurance also does not work in the areas of your travel so you will be charged a heavy amount for your treatment. You can be reimbursed if you have purchased a travel insurance policy that offers medical coverage in the areas of your visit. A standard travel insurance can speed up your medical treatment and give reliable coverage for enough medical facilities. 

5-You may left with nothing by luggage thieves

Green travelers are at high risk of their luggage lost by thieves from the top of the bus or taxi. There could be some situations, in which you are left with nothing if all of your baggage is lost. If you have a standard travel insurance policy, you can be reimbursed for the necessary items after your baggage is lost. If your insurance plan gives coverage for lost luggage you will be provided with the necessary articles that you require during your travel. 

6-Going green does not have to mean going it alone

If you are a green traveler and planning to go alone on your trip, you may not be alone if you have purchased a multilingual travel insurance. For example, if there is no room available in the hotel and you need to take some rest, your insurance provider can book another place for you. Travel insurance will be a great relief if you are traveling alone.