Why you need a Travel Insurance plan before traveling abroad?

  By Kainat Tariq

  Oct 01, 2019

  Universal Insurance Co.Ltd.



Why do you need a Travel Insurance plan before traveling abroad?

If you are planning a trip out of your home country then the first thing that comes into your mind is should you buy travel insurance or not? The people get confused about whether they should invest in insurance or they should travel without any insurance policy? Here I make a simple answer for them: yes you should invest or buy a travel insurance plan. The next question would be why? Let me give you fine reasons to get travel insurance if you are traveling abroad. 

UIC Insurance Plans:

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  • Medical Emergency Support 

A travel insurance plan would help you in any medical emergency such as an accident or sudden illness. If you are traveling to an area with inadequate health services the insurance policy would help you out in serious medical problems in much cheaper medical bills. Travel insurance is a handy option if you need to cancel your trip or come back home early due to some emergency or unforeseen circumstances.

  • Reclaim trip cancellation or rescheduling

The main reason to purchase travel insurance is that if somehow you have to cancel your trip you will be able to reclaim the money that you paid and did not use. The travel insurance can cover unused payments if you have to come back early or you cannot go to your trip due to some unexpected reasons.  You can also have assistance in re-arranging or rescheduling your trip if you have missed any flight or connection. A suitable travel insurance plan would help you to cover these extra expenses.

  • Replacement of Lost Luggage

If you are traveling abroad and unfortunately your baggage is lost or somehow delayed by the aircraft then your expenses may be high and you cannot enjoy it. If you have purchased a travel insurance plan then it can compensate for these expenses. The flexible travel insurance plan will help you to get coverage of your lost luggage and you will be reimbursed for the necessary items.


  • Stress-Free stays

The travel insurance could also be able to reimburse you if you are at your holiday place and some emergency occurs like you got sick or not able to leave the place. You can be compensated with the emergency accommodation if you have purchased a travel insurance plan for your trip. 

  • Peace of mind for personal liability

You can have peace of mind instead of any personal liability in your holiday destination. If you found legally responsible for any destruction in the country where you are staying, your travel insurance plan can be a shield for you. The right and flexible travel insurance in an unfamiliar country can give you great peace of mind and reimburse in any case of unforeseen happening or incident.