8 Steps to Verify that You Have the Right Travel Insurance

  By Kainat Tariq

  Nov 25, 2019

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8 Steps to Verify that You Have the Right Travel Insurance

Sometimes travelers do not understand what their travel insurance policy covers and what is not covered in the policy. Various cases can be seen, in which travelers have complaints that they are not given coverage in some situations or their claim is not fulfilled. While buying a right travel insurance policy, it is really important to know the coverage plan in details and rules and regulations of the policy. 

Travelers buy insurance for a safe and secure travel and to get assistance and coverage in unexpected and sudden emergency situations. If you are planning an international trip you must check your plan so that you can also cancel the insurance policy on time. If you are making a purchase of travel insurance policy, you need to follow eight steps to verify that you have the right travel insurance.

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1-A quick health review

If a pre-existing medical condition occurs during your travel, it might be not covered in your travel insurance policy. If a previous medical situation such as migraine headache occurs during your trip then you cannot claim for medical coverage in some insurance policies because it is a pre-existed problem. 

The medical treatment is not covered in such cases because travel insurance policies exclude support for pre-existing medical situations. A traveler with pre-existing medical problems should go for an insurance policy that also covers the treatment of existing medical conditions during the trip. Mental health issues and suicide are also not covered in the travel insurance policies. 

2-Search about your destination

There is a lot of media coverage available to let you know about your destination. You should make a search about the weather and security conditions in your destination before planning for your trip. There are a number of sources that can give information for the latest health and security situations in your destination place. Travel safety information is a must when planning a tour abroad because in some cases, insurance policy might not provide coverage. 

3-Travel mileage should be checked

The key point is to check how far is your destination and whether your travel insurance policy is giving coverage in that area or not. There are various travel insurance providers that limit the coverage in certain areas. So if you are going outside your insurance network, you will not be provided insurance coverage in any emergency or sudden accidents. While buying a travel insurance policy, in order to get insured, you must check out the mileage you are going to cover. 

4-Know your trip activities

A travel insurance policy can be invalid for some of the activities you are going to have during your trip. Various activities that are considered dangerous and insecure might not be covered by your travel insurance policy. Some activities like hang-gliding, parasailing, diving and mountain sports are excluded from a typical insurance plan and might be covered if you make a purchase of an upgrade. Travelers can also choose a policy that is especially designed for adventurous travelers. 

5-Confirm the dates

During the uproar of your trip, you must confirm that your travel dates are matching with the dates on your travel insurance policy. Travelers should double check the dates with the insurance policy so that if he/she needs to cancel a trip or make another claim, it can be covered. Travel should also check other information in detail and compare it with the information that is presented in the policy. 

6-Confirm your layover

If a traveler got a flight with multi-stop connections, he/she should confirm the layover. Trip delays or cancellation is covered with a standard travel insurance policy but it might be not covered in some situations. If you have lost a flight connection, it can be recovered if you choose a standard insurance policy and make a claim on time.  

7-Check the limits of the travel insurance policy

You also need to check the limits of your insurance policy because if you have purchased a policy with less coverage it cannot cover some unexpected expenses. While selecting a travel insurance policy you need to buy a plan that will give enough coverage during your trip. You should also avoid too much coverage if you are going to have a short trip. 

8-Do not make assumptions

Before buying a travel insurance policy, travelers must read the policy carefully and do not make assumptions about the coverage. They should understand the terms and conditions and tell their concerns to the insurance providers to get better assistance. 

By doing a little research, thinking and care, travelers can get the right insurance policy. It just takes a little effort to choose the insurance plan that will suit your needs and helpful for a safe and secure travel.